“With great assistance, one can experience more”.

This is what India Assist believes in.

When the world was hit with the pandemic, we, the founders, Harish Khatri & Moqierish Tak, took this as an opportunity to create a positive impact. Many travelers were left stranded away from their homes, and the entire world was in a state of panic.

This is when we decided to create a centralized system that would cater to all traveling needs under one platform.

We launched the India Assist app with a vision to “bridge the gap and provide people 24×7 assured assistance using a simple to use phone application”.

Since then, we have not looked back.

With various accolades and achievements; Travel Startup of the Year Award 2023, getting patented as the World’s First Real-Time assistance for travelers, and partnering with IRCTC, we are confidently walking on the path of creating a healthy ecosystem for travelers.

Our app offers comprehensive solutions to a wide range of problems that travelers may encounter, from theft and loss of baggage to medical emergencies, altercations, and unforeseen circumstances. The app provides a one-stop shop for all travel-related issues.

With this initiative, we became the pioneers of providing “Assistance and Distress Management service”, in the Travel & Tourism industry.

Our Vision and Mission

Moving forward, we are looking into expanding our verticals and partnering with stakeholders from the tourism industry and government organizations. This collaboration will create a healthy ecosystem for travelers by bringing together the expertise of various stakeholders and using it to build a robust support system. We also plan to focus more on distress management, which will be of great benefit to senior citizens who were especially vulnerable during and after the pandemic.

Fashion | Sport | Travel
  • Group M, ESP – Founder Sports Division
  • Deccan Chargers (IPL) – VP
  • Started his career with the Fashion Industry & Launched mega Fashion Event like Blender’s Pride Fashion tour
  • Created Sport properties and Managed renown Sports Celebrities
  • Dream Destination– CAPE TOWN
  • Traveller Type- EXPLORER
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Lusofonia Games
  • Alumni- Northumbria University
  • Dream Destination – FIJI
  • Traveller Type- BACKPACKER
Co-Founder & CEO
Technocrat, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, TEDx Speaker
  • Jury, National Entrepreneurship Awards, Govt. of India (GoI)
  • Co-Chairman, Alliances Task Force, Startup 20 under G20, GoI
  • Co-Chairman, CITAR, IITR-CSIR, GoI
  • State Mentor, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
  • National Co-Chairman, Startup Committee, PHDCCI
  • Member Selection Committees of several Incubators of IIMs, IITs